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September 2015
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Greetings from CHM Director David Byrne!     
Dr. David C. Byrne
    Tell me it isn’t so.  We’re already moving into another presidential election cycle in the U.S. and once again immigration is the hot-topic polarizing issue?  Isn’t it interesting that some who insist on submission to the law to define who is righteous and who is “illegal” are ready to change even the constitution for political ends?  So is this really a question of the rule of law or of coming up with the right laws to address a serious issue that effects the lives of millions and the future growth and prosperity of this nation?  I’m just asking questions here.  After all, the politically expedient response of “no comment” isn’t well suited to our prophetic calling! 

            David C. Byrne
            Director:  CHM

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Fry me! Celebrating Fish and CHM

For those of you who want to know a little more about CHM or who just like fish, come and join us for a fish-fry fund raiser on Saturday the 10th of October from noon to 1:00 at the Friendswood Friends Church “Friends Center.”  This is a one-time event that will highlight CHM’s contribution to God’s Kingdom in the context of fish and fellowship.  The meal is free but we are looking for partners who will help support CHM’s ministry in the future.  Come join the fun.   To RSVP send me an email at with your name, phone number, church name (optional), and how many will be attending.  We’ll send a confirmation.  Hope to see you there.

Ministerial Alliance of North American Friends North American Hispanic Friends Conference

The theme of this year’s North American Hispanic Friends Conference is “Committed to the Kingdom” and will call Christians to define their relationship with God’s movement in the world and in their lives.  We’ll meet at the Las Vegas Friends Church from the 15-18th of October with a registration of only $50 per person that includes meals and hospitality in homes for those who let us know early.  It is not even necessary to speak Spanish to attend (although everything will be conducted in Spanish, there are always friendly bilingual people around who will help.)  Each year this event helps define the Hispanic Friends movement and to push it forward in its ministry. 

Responding Well

     At the beginning of the summer I sent a request to Friends throughout EFC-MAYM about a need for ongoing support for one of our church plants in Oklahoma City where Isaí Ramos has been working to develop a core group.  All church planting is a challenge that requires time and investment.  Foreign missions groups have known for years about the need for missionaries to raise support for the task, but it is unusual to see that kind of commitment for planting churches locally - yet the need is also great.  I thank God for the generous response to the appeal that speaks to the strong faith and vision of God’s people.  At this point finances are solid through the end of the year and the pressure has helped the church-planting team to rework its support strategy.  So, all in all, God and his people once again show their faithfulness.

 New Church Celebration

    It was an honor to be a part of the EFC-ER celebrations this summer as they received three new churches as full members of the Yearly Meeting.  The Baltimore (MD), Kingston (NY), and Chicago (IL) churches have been participating in the Yearly Meeting for many years so in some ways this was just a formality but it is already helping to define the relationship.Celebrating new churches.
     After the morning sessions and the seating of the new delegates the English-speaking Friends lined the outside walkway up to the dining area releasing balloons as the Hispanic representatives walked this gauntlet of honor.
     Now the work begins as an established organization works through the details of what it will take to make the transition into a truly multicultural association of churches.

Kingston Iglesia Amigos

     One of the special moments during the summer ministry travel season was right at the end of EFC-ER as I was frazzled and ready to hit the road.  I was already in the car but wanted a document I hadn’t received.  Do I go back in?  I did, and to my surprise a group of Friends from Kingston, NY was busy working on a tee-shirt for me, scribbling their blessings and appreciation.  Is that necessary?  I suppose not, but it does renew energy and wouldn’t be a bad exercise for all God’s people.  Thanks, Kingston Friends for your much appreciated example. 

News & Prayer
As the politicians stretch their rhetoric, pray that there would be some sense of proportion and that Christians would maintain their focus on God’s Kingdom.
Pray for unity among believers as we seek to serve our Lord together and to build one another up.  Even when we work in different regions, Kingdom workers need each other for encouragement, correction, and vision.  May God have his way.
AMANA The North American Hispanic Friends Conference hosted by AMANA is set for October 15-18 in Las Vegas.  Make plans to join the celebration and pray that God will be preparing His people.

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