San Antonio Iglesia Amigos
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Brief History of the Church: The church got it start when 3 families with a Friends background and living in the San Antonio area met up in the fall of 2010 and began sharing their dream for a new Friends church. They began meeting for Bible study and prayer in early 2011 and held their first worship service on March 4th with the encouragement of the leadership of the Las Vegas Hispanic Friends Church.  The group affiliated the ministry with EFC-MAYM at about the same time and incorporated the church in Texas under the Yearly Meeting.  By January of 2012 they had rented a provisional building for worship.  Pastor Emilio Sánchez joined the church in July of 2015.
Location:  4450 Walzen Rd, #101
     San Antonio, Texas  78218

     Cell:  (210) 986-4248;
     Contacts:  (210)255-8353

Emilio Sánchez
Email:  EmilioSanchez1836 at

Email:  teremadrid4 at
Membership: 10
Attendance: 22

Services and Worship:

  Saturday:   7:30-8:30 P.M. - Prayer and Worship
   Sunday: - 9:30-10:30 A.M. Sunday School
                 10:30-11:00 Break, Fellowship, Snack
                 11:00-12:45 - Worship and Devotional
Church Sign
Pastor Emilio Sánchez      Julio SanAntonio
Pastor Emilio Sánchez
Julio Madrid (with Guitar) with San Antonio Friends.

    Special Projects:

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