The Friends Church in Nueva Rosita, Coah., Mexico
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Brief History of the Church:  The church was founded in 1976 by brother Felipe Vázquez in the Sarabia neighborhood of Nueva Rosita.  Currently it is the mother church of 5 other churches and 6 missions.  It has 12 associated pastors and a regional superintendent.
Place: Galeana #167  (Parsonage:  La Madrid #156
     Colonia Sarabia, Nva. Rosita, Coahila, Mexico

          tel: 52-861-614-0609

     P.O. Box 1292
     Eagle Pass, TX  78853
Pastor:  Sergio and Luisa Ayala
Number of Members:  87
Number in Attendence:  100
    Sun.:   Sunday School   10 A.M.
              Worship Service  7  P.M.
    Wed.:  Bible Study    7  P.M.
    Th.:    Leadership School    7:30  P.M.
    Fri.:    Various Activities    7  P.M.
    Sat.:    Youth Meeting    6  P.M.
    Mon.-Fri.:  Prayer  9  A.M.
Pastores Sergio, Jael y Luisa Ayala
Pastors Sergio and Luisa Ayala with daughter Jael
Church Staff:  
    Sergio y Luisa Ayala - Pastors
    Jorge Villarreal - Youth Leader
    Arely Gonzáles - Worship Leader
    Luisa Ayala - Women's Ministry
    Rodolfo Ramirez - Channel 9 - Television
    Fernando Rios - Evangelism
    Margarito Corpus - Friends Mission in Allende
     Sunday School Teachers:  Luisa Ayala, Mara Martinez, Arely Gonzáles, Esther Corpus, Rodolfo Gonzáles, Jorge Villarreal, Sergio y Hno. Margarito, Alicia Gonzáles, Susana Frausto

Special Projects:
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