Evangelical Friends Church
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Brief History of the Church:  The church was begun as a mission in Matamoros and the village Esperanza/Reforma by Juan Sierra - a missionary originally from Cuba.  It was continued by Harold King and his wife (1976-1980) and since 1980 pastor Jorge Reyes ministers there to this day.
Place: S. Díaz Mirón y 12a #65 Altos
     Colonia Buenavista
     H. Matamoros, Tamps. 87350
     P.O.Box 30
     Brownsville TX.  78520
          Tel: 528-817-6321
Pastor:  Jorge Reyes Serrano
Number of Members:
    Matamoros - 55
    Mission in the village -   75
Number in Attendence:
    Matamoros:  65-70
    Mission in the village:  85-90
    Matamoros: Sunday  10:30 y 18:00 - Worship
                Thurs.  18:30
                Friday 18:30 - Youth
    Village:    Wed. y Sat. - 16:30
Pastor Jorge Reyes (2o de la izquierda)
Pastor Jorge Reyes (2nd from the left)
Special Projects:
In the Matamoros Church:
  • Acquire another property with more space now that we have no more room to build or grow and no more space to put a patio or other building (for fellowship or sports).



    In the Village Mission:

  • To move toward establishing the mission as a church.
  • To have a ministerial couple working full time.
  • To use the social hall for consultations, basic English classes, and academic classes for young people and young women from the area.
  • To continue forward and to improve the sewing classes.
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