Centro Familiar Cristiano Amigos - Iglesia Casa de Alabanza
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Brief History of the Church:  The church began in January of 1999 through brother Eduarde Herrera with English classes.  Soon Eduardo's brother, Jaime Herrera, entered as pastor.  Since then they have realized group trips, a dramatic presentation, an evangelistic crusade, revival services, baptisms, and the anniversary of the church.  We shared the church facility with "Trinity Friends Church" until we moved to our new location in Ridgeway in March of 2009.  We changed to our current location in an old school building in January of 2012.
Place:  380 Church St.
   Ridgeway, VA 24148

   Tel: (276) 618-1910
Pastor:  Jaime Guillermo Herrera 

Email:  Jaiherper at


Number of Members:  35
Number in Attendence:  100


    Sunday:  Worship Service  2:00 p.m.
                 Youth Meeting  - 6:00 p.m.
    Wednesday: Afternoons - Food Bank
         (serving 100 people)
         7:00 P.M. - Workshop for Leaders;
Study and Prayer;
    Friday:   Cell groups (9 including youth)
                 In homes - 7:00 P.M.

 Jaime and Flor Herrera  VaronesRidgeway 
Pastor Jaime Herrera & Flor
 and Hispanic Friends from Ridgeway.

VBS  Conjunto
Proyectos Especiales:
  • Growth and Revival of our church.
  • Have meeting times for classes in English, reading classes, Alcoholics Anonymous, and a Computer Lab.
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