"Mirada de Fe" Evangelical Friends Church
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Brief History of the Church:  The church was founded by pastors Hugo and Rosita Cardona.  In March of 1987, we began to pray and to conduct a telephone campaign.  The official opening of the church was held on April 5th with a large spiritual party accompanied by the Granada Friends Church, the Bell Friends Church and other churches from the area.  The pastors began their ministry with 5 people and the Lord added each day to the church the people who were being saved.  They began to have Bible studies in homes. 

Currently, the church meets in Pico Rivera, CA.  Moreover, they have an active membership of ministry leaders, elders and deacons, women’s ministry, children’s ministry, and youth ministry.  They are working united to evangelize and minister in the community with the gospel of Christ.
Location:  4550 Paramont Blvd.
     Pico Rivera, CA 90660

Pastor:  Freddy Rivas
    Email:  MiradadeFe at

    Tel:  562-551-8122

Number of Members:  15
Number in Attendence:  25
Services and Worship: 
    Saturday 7:30 P.M. Prayer Service
    Sunday 2:15 P.M. Sunday School
               4:15 P.M. Devotional Worship

Pastor Freddy Rivas
Freddy Rivas - Pastor
Special Projects:
  • Reaching the community by providing for the spiritual and physicals needs of Hispanics.
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