Inglewood Evangelical Friends Church
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Brief History of the Church:   The doors to the church were opened in 1933 in our current location.  The sanctuary was built in 1949. The Hispanic work had its roots in an initial work in 1983 but officially began in 1987.  It is a part of the EFCSW Yearly Meeting.  Pastor Conrado Illanes was the pastor who began the Hispanic work and was followed by David Hamm.  Later, pastor Diego Chuyma served followed by Jack Wing, Rodolfo Belloso and our current pastor, Adolfo Oliva.
Location: 800 S. Oak St.
      Inglewood, CA 90301
Pastor:  Adolfo Oliva (Home: 310-677-0523)
      Cell:  626-222-6633

      Email:  olivaadolfo at

Membership:  34

Services and Worship: 
       Fridays:  7:30 P.M. - Prayer
       Saturday:  7:30 P.M.  (1st Saturday) - Missions
                        Other Saturdays - small groups
       Sunday:  9:15 A.M. Sunday School
                    11:15 A.M. Devotional Worship

Amigos de Inglewood
The Olivas

Special Projects:
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