Fullerton Hispanic Friends Church - "Puente de Gracia"
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Brief History of the Church:  The Church is a result of years of prayer and financial help from a group of people from Rose Drive Friends Church in Yorba Linda, CA.  The inaguration was March 23, 2008 with the presence of Friends from RDFC and invited guests from the community where the "Puente de Gracia" (Bridge of Life) Church was started - 1790 N Placentia Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831.  During the first 6 months attendence was 50 people between children, youth and adults with the majority of them coming from the neighboring communities and others being helpers from RDFC.  We completed the first year with an average Sunday morning attendence of 80 people.  During the second year we began to organize into departments and helping groups with resulting cualitative and numerical growth through God's help.  We completed the second year with about 110 people who worked in 5 departments (Sunday School, Women's group, Men's group, Youth and children) and 5 support groups (Prayer, Evangelism, Discipleship, Ushers and Missions).  In our third year our goal was to prepare a leadership that was sufficiently capable to recieve another 100 people that the Lord would add during the next two years.  The pastoral family is made up of:  Ruth and V. David Jaimes (pastors); David Jaimes (youth director); Kathy Jaimes (director of the Sunday School); and Daniel Jaimes (Music and Praise director).  Pastor Jaimes has now finished his M.Div. degree and is presenting training workshops in Bible Institutes and developing the leadership of the congregation.

Location:  1690 Placentia Ave. Suite B
      Fullerton, CA  92831

Pastor:  V. David Jaimes
Email:  vdjaimes53 at
Church Email:  PuenteDeGracia08 at
Facebook: vDavidJaimes

Membership:  60
Attendence:  80
Services and Worship: 

: Prayer and Worship Service    [6:30 PM] 
Thursday:   Family Service with Bible Study
               (Adults, Youth and Children) [6:30 PM]  
Sunday:   Worship and Praise Service [1:00-3:30 PM]
               Sunday School [2 - 3 PM]

Pastor David y Ruth Jaimes
Pastor V. David Jaimes and Ruth
Special Projects:
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