Brawley Friends Church
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Brief History of the Church:   The church was formed by Southwest Yearly Meeting in a home in 1983 with Cecilia Lopez (wife of Julian).  When it grew, the group changed to a rental location.  This began with the conversion of the Lopez family from the Mexicali churches.  Arturo Carranza began to rais up this work when he served as pastor.  Pastor Luciano Lopez followed and was later succeeded in turn by José Espino, Andrés Arredondo, Adolfo Hernandez (Rudy), and our current pastor, Marco-Antonio Domínguez who has been our pastor since 2002.
Location: 648 E. St. 
      Brawley, CA 92227
      760-344-9806 (De Lucas Family)
Pastor:  Marco-Antonio Domínguez

Membership:  15

Services and Worship: 
       Wednesday Prayer:  6-7 P.M.
       Friday   6:30-9:00
       Sunday 10 –12 (noon)

Amigos de Brawley
From left to right: Claudia Sánchez, Julian De Lucas, Luisa Gonzalez, Sandra Mixia, Melissa Mixia, Sandy Mixia, Dianne Mixia
Special Projects:
  • Put together funds for a property.
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