Holy Anointing Evangelical Friends Church
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Brief History of the Church:  The church began in 1993 with pastor German Galdamez in the city of Somerville, MA.  The church had 12-14 members in 1997.  By the year 2000 we had 30 members and we were meeting in the city of Cambridge, MA. - 76 Harvey St.
Place:  28 West St. #2
     Evertt, MA  02149
     Tel:  617-381-1791
Pastors:  Pedro and Daisy Aldana

Number of Members: 30
Number in Attendence: 40
    Saturday  7-9:30 P.M.
    Sunday   3-6 P.M.

Pedro and Miria (Daisy) Aldana
Boston Church - Pedro and Daisy (at the right)

Special Projects:

  • Double our membership in a year.
  • Buy a large vehicle in order to better serve the church.
  • Extend the church to other cities.
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