CHMEvangelical Friends Church
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Brief History of the Church:  This work began as a mission of the Friends Church in Nueva Rosita in 1978 with pastors Felipe and Susie Vásquez in charge.  In November of 1984 brother Samuel and Cristina Vásquez began as pastors of the church and continue in that role to this day.
Lugar:  Agujita, Coahuila, México

     P.O. Box 1292
     Eagle Pass, TX  78853
     Tel:  528-613-3777
Pastor:  Samuel Vásquez Sáenz

Number of Members:  70
Number in Attendence:  75-80
    Sunday: Sunday School
                 Worship Service
    Weds.:  Women's and Young people's Service
    Thurs.:     Bible Study
    Daily:       Prayer Service

Pastor Samuel Vásquez
Pastor Samuel Vásquez
Special Projects:
  • Evangelistic Crusades in the town square - 1 or 2 crusades per year.
  • Services in homes by the youth group - Evangelistic Services.
  • Computer Courses with the desire to impact the families of students.
  • The group of young people have the project of cleaning the yards of homes that request it in order to visit in the homes of non-believers.
  • Visit poor communities to take in food, clothing and especially the word of God.
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