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Instituto ALMA


A note from the Instituto ALMA Director:

Except for the lack of three things I have often considered furthering my education. I enjoy the classroom. Even more-so I enjoy the fellowship of higher learning and the discovery of theological discussion. I would love more opportunity to teach, and thus dream of continuing my higher education in order to further teach and train others. In reality this is the nexus of discipleship — learning in order to teach others.

The three things that lack for me are: Many of our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters have similar aspirations. They are members and leaders of congregations across the nation, in other Spanish speaking nations, and in other countries around the world where there are enclaves of Spanish speakers. They are looking for the tools and resources necessary for leading their congregations, training and discipling others. They are looking for an available training program that is affordable and able to fit into their busy schedules.

Instituto ALMA is just such a program. The Institute is widely available world-wide to anyone with an internet connection. Many leaders, even in third-world countries, either have a computer of their own or ready access to an internet cafe. Via the internet, the Institute is readily accessible and easily usable for any of these leaders that can afford the time.

Instituto ALMA fits the time schedule of the busy leader. Each half hour video session of the Institute is packaged with study guides and other materials that a student should be able to absorb and complete within an hour. The leader / learner may set their own time schedule for studying the materials and complete as much or as little as necessary for any time period. The student may return to the material at any time according to their individual needs.

The goal of Instituto ALMA is to remain as affordable as possible. Together with David Byrne, Coalition for Hispanic Ministries Director, and our Board of Directors, we have tried several strategies for maintaining the Institute with minimal or no fees to the students. Although, the costs of producing and maintaining the Institute classes is not minimal. Each eighteen session class requires three to six months of preparation and production time. Even internet classes require professors, materials, and equipment. Furthermore internet classes require extra video equipment, special web server space, as well as travel for the professor or the production team.

At Instituto ALMA we need you.
Please help us with prayer, promotion, and support to continue to make disciples of every nation.

Jerry Clarkson
Director, Instituto ALMA

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